What is TrashedWorld?
TrashedWorld is a global schools' platform for curriculum exchange work on the topic of waste with the dual aims of developing skills and awareness of waste issues whilst also developing skills and knowledge in the English language.

Registration is free and you receive a free unit (module 1, Unit 1) so that you can see what is on offer and get an idea of how to work with the project. 

You can watch a walk through video of how to get started with the TrashedWorld programme.

What is included in TrashedWorld?
The project offers 4 study modules of 3-4 units of work on waste based on 50 film clips taken from the award-winning documentary movie 'Trashed' narrated by Jeremy Irons.

TrashedWorld includes pdf files of Teachers Notes and Student's Pages, and also Investigation Sheets to help students gather and present information for exchange with partner classes in schools around the world.

How does TrashedWorld work?
Once registered with the project, groups work through the study units and investigate their lives through the topic of waste. Classes gather information and data about waste in their homes and communities and present this information in many forms for exchange with partner classes around the world. TrashedWorld has a search engine for finding partners already working on the project. There are also samples of student work as examples of what groups can do.

By engaging young people in a dialogue about issues of waste relevant to their own lives and with their peers in other countries, we aim to raise awareness about waste and ultimately change behaviours for this important challenge we face on earth.

Payment and subscriptions
When you subscribe you pay for a 12 month access to all the resources. Please note that annual subscriptions are recurring and can be stopped any time via PayPal.

Who are we?

'Hi I’m Clive Oxenden and I have been working as editor and consultant on the TrashedWorld project. I have previously worked as an English language teacher for the British Council, mostly in Spain. I am a co-author of the English File series published by OUP. When I saw Trashed  for the first time I could see that it was a very important documentary film which needed to be seen by as many young people as possible. So I really welcomed the chance to get involved with TrashedWorld. I am sure it will have a hugely positive impact on the problems of waste and the damage that it causes to the environment. Education is the only way to change perceptions and habits.'

Keith Kelly - 'Hi. I'm one of the co-authors of TrashedWorld. I'm a teacher and trainer in bilingual education and CLIL and have written a number of books for OUP, Macmillan and run a CLIL school in Bulgaria (www.anglia-school.info). I've participated in many educational Science projects and initiatives where students investigate areas of Science AND share their findings and their work with groups of students in other countries (find out more www.factworld.info). I've always thought that this is a great context for communication and language learning. So, when I was asked to develop a project where students investigate trash in their lives and exchange their findings with classes around the world, I jumped at the chance. The result is TrashedWorld.'  

Keith Halstead - 'Hello. I'm one of the co-authors of TrashedWorld. I've been involved in teaching English as a foreign language for over 20 years, having worked in Ankara, Hanoi, London and am now living and working in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Recent generations have been pushing us down the path to our current Trashedworld. Our trash issue is no longer a problem that can be solved by our generation, it is a problem which our children and their children will have to solve. Trashedworld gave me an opportunity to be part of a project which is encouraging our children to investigate the way we are destroying our planet and to find personal and global solutions. It is extremely gratifying to see the work that students have already submitted to Trashedworld and to feel part of a movement that we can only hope will
have a global impact.’

Abbas Zahreddine - 'Hi, I joined the Trashed World Project´s Team during the preparation of the UNESCO´s Global Action Program on Education for Sustainable Development (Ottawa 2017) and UNESCO´s Learning to Live Sustainably in Cities (Aswan 2018). I really welcomed the chance to get involved with TrashedWorld - A Global Schools Exchange Program on Waste. I am sure TrashedWorld will have a hugely positive impact on the problems of waste in the Mediterranean and the Arab Regions and the damage that it causes to the environment. I have previously worked as a teacher in Environmental Education at the Grand Lycée (Beirut) and as Member of the Experts Team to set up the first Lebanese National Strategy on Environmental Education. I am Agricultural Engineer (Lebanese University), I have a Master of Environmental Education and Communication for Sustainable development (Autonomous University of Barcelona) .  Chairman of the Group Knowledge for Development (Barcelona), I am coordinating the Program “Solid waste and sewage treatment in a cluster-based approach for local sustainable development´

The wonderful penguin illustrations are the work of Alan Hesse and this is his website: http://www.alanhesse.co.uk

Working to meet the UN Global Sustainability Goals

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