How to register: step-by-step

1) Fill in your details below.
2) Choose which unit you're doing now, (and make sure any units you've already done are also selected).
3) Choose an age range for your students
4) Set your availability to 'yes' if you want people to fine you, 'no' if you're don't.
5) Type in the code you see and agree the conditions.
6) Next, go to the unit resources you want to use

Once you click on the resources you'll be asked to pay EU10.00 or insert a code for your annual subscription.
Then, your subscription will run for a calendar year from this date and you will have access to all resources.

Any problems? Drop us a line at

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Tick if you are available for exchange and when another teacher searches in our database for a partner, they can find you only if 'available' is selected.

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