Younger Learners

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

[/userfiles/files/UNSDG_group_pic.jpg]This is a collection of preprimary, primary and middle school CLIL projects related to the UNSDGs written during Erasmus+ trainings on the topic of Putting CLIL into Practice at Anglia School in Bulgaria, delivered by Keith Kelly for teachers teaching their curriculum through the medium of English as a Foreign Language.

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The UNSDGs linked to the titles of the PrePrimary and Primary CLIL projects are:

SDGs 4+5 - Quality Education and Gender Equality: 
Children sharing toys - stereotypes about toys; parents and their jobs - stereotypes about jobs; (un)acceptable characteristics and behaviours.

SDG3 - Good Health and Well Being: 
Healthy food v junk food; food babits.

SDG14+15 - Life Below Water and Life On Land: 
Types of transport; transport and routines; transport and consequences; food and origins; shopping bags and packaging; how much waste we make; waste around us.

SDG12 - Responsible Consumption and Production:
Understanding waste; the three Rs; waste at home; separating waste; reusing; personal action.

SDG15 - Life on Land (Wolves in Italy): 
Needs of wolves and man; understanding wolves and their habitat; wolves in stories; wolf populations in Italy.

good health and well being quality education clean water and sanitation industry, innovation and infrastructure sustainable cities and communities responsible consumption and production life below water life on land partnerships for the goals